Decline In Family Structure In African American Community

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  • WHAT they did (surveys, observations, etc.) and HOW they did it, with WHOM they completed the study (sample, demographics, etc.); and finally,
  • WHAT were the findings (statistical analysis results), WHAT do they mean (implications), and HOW how can they help people dealing with or working with your topic.
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Paper – 1st Section: Topic and Rationale + Exposure to Topic


Goddeene Pierre

Professor Cicely Brantely


February 26,2021

Tallahassee Community College

















Topic and rationale

In the past few decades, African American family structure has changed dramatically. Today, it is much more common to see an African American family lacking a father figure. Since the 1960s, there has appeared to be a decline in nuclear family structure, especially in urban communities. There are many reasons as to why and how the family structure has changed. As a result, teen pregnancies, mass incarceration, and even poor academic are a new norm. With the worries being solely placed on one parent, the child will most likely miss out on the full attention that she/he needs. I feel that this is important to research this issue because it is not regularly mentioned and a lot of the problems the black community arise from this one obstacle.


Media and life experience

Back when I was in primary school, I noticed that it was almost always assumed that I lived in a household ran by my mother only. My high school was predominantly black; therefore, we endured many stereotypes and one of them being that we had no father in our life. I even had one history teacher ask his student where his father was in a shady manner. Any form of disrespect from a student would automatically create the idea that the student had no proper family structure at home. In addition, many of my friends are raised in a one parent household. We’ve had conversation on what they felt like they lacked in life because of an absent father. Being that I came from a two parent -household family, I couldn’t relate to a lot of the stuff they said but I could certainly see the difference I feel that if this topic wasn’t overlooked, we a sa people could begin to strengthen our communities.

















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