Db Questions

Help answering my db questions.

I have attached them to this post.

DOC 650


Based on the your personal knowledge and what you have read, build a brief case to defend why a process requires or does not require any part of the 5 components (input, resources, constraints, activities, and output).

Can you think of any instance of an organizational process without one of the above?

Part B

Based on what you have read and your experience, explain which component of a process you think is the most important and why.

DOC 640

Consider the readings for this module concerning the analysis of case study data.  In your post, address the following:

1. What three key ideas were most significant from the readings;

2. Two analytic techniques that you would like to explore or discuss further; and

3. One element/issue/concept that you found difficult in your understanding or application of case study data analysis. 

In your responses to other students, focus on questions 2 and 3.

This assignment is a discussion, so remember to join the conversation early in the module. Remember to cite sources—particularly in your initial post. Finally, respond to several of your classmates.

This assignment will be assessed using the discussion rubric.