CSR Brief

Purpose of Assignment 

Students will learn to assess how an organization’s culture and strategy may impact the ability to consume and implement change, comprehend the different types of organizational structures, and how this may impact change initiatives. Students will understand how there are several influencing factors in how change is consumed by organizations. 

Assignment Steps 

Use the organization you chose in Week 1. 

Research the company’s culture. 

Provide a 700-word summary regarding your organization:

  • Summarize your review and research.
  • Display the characteristics displayed by your company’s abilities as a learning organization.
  • Explain how your company’s culture and learning organizational abilities may support or detract from a change initiative. 

Include at least three peer reviewed references. 

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. 

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Attached is week one paper to use as reference. 



Samsung Co.

Luis Garcia


Professor Rodriguez

October 31, 2017

Identify the type of change

The transformational change happened in Samsung Co. when it experienced its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blowing up (Agnes, 2016). There was a need to create a restructure the operations in Samsung Co. Transformational change is where there is a business culture shift in an organization by bringing the use of new processes and strategies. According to Hurd (2007), strategies and processes that were in use in the past are discarded in favor of new ones. Transformational change is to be implemented in the whole organization. All departments, employees, and processes are affected in one way or another. Given that some organization is huge it means that change cannot be implemented at the snap of a finger. The process of implementation will have to be done over a period. The long period is used as a means of preventing the change from facing opposition.

Hurd (2007) stated that transformational change utilizes three aspects which are engaging, feedback and socialize. The first step of implementing change is to engage the stakeholders in order to establish their reaction. Based on the feedback whether positive or negative, the firm will know how to steer through the implementation of change by socializing with the employees. The first step in implementing transformational change designs, followed by alignment and lastly realignment. During designing stage one has to create a strategy after identifying change needed from the current state. The next step is to woo key stakeholders in supporting the desired future which will be achieved through a change in firm’s architecture. Transformational change should be easy to identify by creating symbols for the change that will create a good mindset for promoting change. Employees capabilities should be let to innovate how systems and structures will work. The last step in transformational change is operationalized change while measuring the success. Corrections should be done on the system from the learned lessons.

Explain how the change was communicated

Samsung Co. communicate need to change how batteries were being made through Twitter, Email and press conference. Twitter handle is used to communicate official information to the stakeholders of the company. According to Lopez (2017), the company has an official Twitter handle which is Samsung Electronics @Samsung. Samsung uses the twitter handle to give official information when it comes to its services, products, insights, and people. Samsung used the handle as a means of informing the masses that the sale of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was being shopped around the world. Twitter is used for external communication.

Emails were sent to each employee stating that the production of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had been stopped. Emails have been embraced in the operations of Samsung Co. for internal communication. Each employee has a personalized email which they are under instruction to keep checking on daily for an informational update. The email is used to organize for departmental and organizational meetings (Poole, 2007). The email sent to all employee focused on making the stop production of the tablet. There was instruction for all shipments of the device to be stopped immediately.

Agnes (2016) stated that the press conference was used to inform the general public that recall for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was on. A press conference is official means of communicating to the public when disaster has stricken a firm. Samsung took the impromptu decision that the sale of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had been stopped and the devices that were in the market were being recalled. A press conference is effective means of reaching the masses. They are picked as breaking news and aired to the globe by media houses in real-time helping in containing a crisis from deepening.

Identify which leaders were involved in the communication

According to Lopez (2017), Tim Bajarin who is the Creative Strategies president was the person who took to Twitter to pass regrets of the Samsung Co. He said that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was not passed through quality testing and assurance process to ascertain whether it could function well. Lack of adequate testing meant that the design of the device was not 100 percent safe. The design of the Samsung Galaxy which had not been tested meant that it could blow up anytime. The twitter message suggests that the company owned up to its mistakes in the production process.

The President and CEO of Samsung Electronics America Tim Baxter wrote to emails to all employees (Agnes, 2016). He communicated via emails and text messages to employees in all outlets in America. He asked the employees to identify the serial numbers of devices that had been sold. The aim of having serial numbers is to facilitate the recall of devices for they could be easily switched off by working in collaboration with telecom carriers. Employees were sent to major collection centers like airports to facilitate recall of devices. Emails played a crucial point in ensuring that employees coordinate the recall process for the devices.

Lopez (2017) noted that Mobile Communications Business for Samsung Electronics President DJ Koh, made the press conference during the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 crisis. He said that customer focuses more on customer safety than it focuses on technology innovation. Koh said the focus more on the customer was the main reason why it had instruction the sale of the device be called off, production and distribution to be stopped and recall for the device be made. The actions aimed at achieving a single objective which was to reinstate trust on the Galaxy-branded phones by the Samsung Electronics. He said the action was aimed at establishing the root cause of the devices blowing up and help the firm in learning how to present future product designs not threat to the users of the devices.

Identify the change model (if possible) 

Reactive operations management

Quality assurance & Testing

Galaxy Note 7 ExplodesStop sale and Production/recallProactive operations managementSale of quality devicesQuality assurance & testingPilot marketingSamsung Electronics came up with a new operations management process to replace the reactive operations management process. The reactive operations management process used to release devices that have not tested and passed the quality assurance threshold. The process meant that defective products found their way to the customers. According to Agnes (2016), Samsung Galaxy Note 7 found its way to the customers when it’s untested at this moment exploding when charging. The reactive operations management process saw the firm acknowledge that it will have to retest the devices after a recall to ascertain the existing problem.The new operations management process came as a replacement to achieve quality products. The process starts with testing of devices to ascertain that they meet the set quality assurance. Testing ascertains that products are safe for use by the Samsung customer (Lopez, 2017). The process is followed keenly by the pilot testing process for three months to ensure that the devices are defect free. When the devices have been under a pilot study for three months, it means that their quality has been ascertained. The products are then presented for the customers to purchase for they have met the quality threshold set for the safety of devices.ReferencesAgnes, M. (2016, September 15). What Samsung Did Wrong When Responding To The Galaxy Note 7 Disaster. Retrieved from: https://www.forbes.com/sites/melissaagnes/2016/09/15/what-samsung-did-wrong-when-responding-to-the-galaxy-note-7-disaster/#5065a33a1795Hurd, D. L. (2007). Leading transformational change: A study of internationalization at three universities in the United States.Lopez, M. (2017, January 22). Samsung Explains Note 7 Battery Explosions, And Turns Crisis Into Opportunity. Retrieved from: https://www.forbes.com/sites/maribellopez/2017/01/22/samsung-reveals-cause-of-note-7-issue-turns-crisis-into-opportunity/#3a559b3724f1Poole, B., & Holt, D. (2007). Journey to Newland: A road map for transformational change. San Francisco: Pfeiffer/John Wiley.