Module 5 – SLP

Creating an Action Plan

We have studied seven different leadership styles and theories over the past few modules. In SLP 5, you will create an artifact that summarizes and presents these seven styles and theories targeted for an audience of fellow educators. This is the opportunity to present your knowledge and research in a creative and professional way.

Artifact examples include (but not limited to):

· Video presentation

· Wiki

· Website

· Recorded PowerPoint

· Prezi

· Detailed Graphic Organizer

Points to consider:

· Definitions and pillars of the theories and styles

· Characteristics and traits

· Example scenarios

· Similarities and differences

SLP Assignment Expectations

Your project will be assessed on the following:

Assignment-driven criteria: Demonstrates mastery of the theories by including key elements, definitions, examples, and sample scenarios.

Scholarly writing: The artifact is well-written and suitable for the intended audience. Uncommon definitions are explained at an appropriate level. At least 5 references are used (minimum of 2 outside of the course materials).

Quality of references and organization: Demonstrates mastery using relevant and quality sources and uses appropriate, relevant, and compelling content to support ideas, and convey understanding of the topic and shape the work They support and augment the artifact.

Citing sources: Demonstrates mastery using in-text citations or sources and properly uses APA format including a full reference list.

Critical thinking/Application to professional practice: Demonstrates mastery conceptualizing the problem and viewpoints. Assumptions of experts are analyzed, synthesized, and evaluated thoroughly. Conclusions are logically presented and applied to professional practice.