Counterfeiting and the Global Marketplace Based upon the information in this unit’s readings, create a post that answers the following: Describe how some of the benefits of globalization have actually hurt businesses whose products are widely integrated in international markets. Do you think globalization itself will sustain the problem of counterfeits? Do you think companies can protect themselves from the threat of counterfeits? Why or why not? If so, how? Your post should be substantive and logical to the questions proposed. Read the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide to learn the discussion participation requirements of this course. In addition, post your work in the text box, not as an attached file.Response Guidelines Read the posts of your peers and respond to two. Provide a substantive and logical response that considers the following: Do you agree or disagree with your peer’s thoughts? Explain. What thoughts were similar and different between you and your peer? What other inputs can you provide that might help expand your or your peer’s thoughts?ResourcesWebsite icon Fakes!