Consumer Behavior- Marketing

1. How do you remember the brand names of the different products and services that you use in your life? When you go shopping, how do you create your shopping list (if you use one)? Do you work with generic product categories or remember brand names when you create your list?

This is a general question. Does not pertain to any brands. You can use brands to illustrate your point. No word limit. But the more you write, the more you can convey. 

2. Choose any three specific brands that you use and tell me how you “learned” about them. This is a specific question about brands you know and use. 

3. Try and remember one brand that you have not used in the past year and tell me why you “forgot” all about it. What could the company have done (or done better) to make you not forget it? 

Do not brief in your answers. I do not want bullet points, but descriptive answers instead.