Consulting Scenario Paper

Section Needed: Provide a list of potential businesses/organizations that could benefit from your firm, and why these potential customers might seek assistance from a consulting firm. 

Paper rough draft is attached. 

Must be at least 150 words. APA format. 

Consulting Scenario 1

Consulting Scenario

Our consulting firm is a community-based program that was created to facilitate access, coordinate with social service agencies, accessibility to programs and medical services to individuals in need within our community.

Phoenix Community Outreach Consultants was founded to help those in need of services that are available to them, improve their quality of life, the ability to live and function independently in the community.

PCOC works with senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, families in need, homeless individuals, and caregivers by providing direct assistance to social agencies that otherwise they would not be aware of. PCOC advocates for those to help them access the resources and services they need to get on their feet, finding them medical coverage, proper shelter, food, access to medical services, and provide them a care plan team to help them implement and develop goals and provide the resources for them to achieve those goals.

Phoenix Community Outreach Consultants (PCCOC) understands the multitude of concerns Social Services providers face and address within communities. Our consulting firm would like to develop a working relationship with agencies assuring the highest level of services is being provided for their constituents.

Here at PCCOC, our consultants have working knowledge along with proficiency to assist your business with a plethora of advice-giving needs. Our staffers have provided support towards: medical and behavioral care, addiction, outpatient and partial hospitalization, family and children services along with a wide range of health care needs.

Social service providers address a wide range of individual and community concerns. This does not discount the internal problems agencies face towards their day-to-day operations. PCCOC will develop a data collection process identifying areas for improvement or change within your agency. Staffers will provide presentation to your shareholders, highlighting data supported discoveries where PCCOC can support you to better serving your clients. Vacant positions, holiday, sickness and leave coverage, extensions, transition periods and program startup are all areas where PCCOC can of help and insight.

Our consulting firm will develop a partnership with your agency providing guidance in all aspects social service providers encounter. PCCOC will provide services towards any identified staffing needs. Many agencies have difficulties finding qualified people in a timely fashion. Our firm has staffed some of the larges agencies in the country. We’ll fill your personnel openings while saving your agency time, resources, and money. Training and educating staffers are a valuable recruiting tool in any agency. Let us develop your agency into making a commitment towards a quality learning environment by bringing learning programs directly into your setting. Clinical social work supervision supports social workers remaining employed. Let PCCOC construct a clinical supervision program that meets the mutual needs of your staff and organization. We would also like to implement consultation services. The collection of data is a helpful tool to measure the progress or lack of within your agency. Identify outcomes for administration staffers to review upon request. Adhering to governing or accrediting standards along with developing and implementing proficiency measures. There are times where realigning agency’s processes are necessary for more effective and productive working environments. Phoenix Community Outreach Consultants will maintain a healthy and working relationship with your agency to assure the best possible care is provided to all served.



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