Complete Both Parts Of Assignment

Part 1

Assignment Steps 

  • Resources: Management: A Practical Introduction, Chapter 6 strategic plan for organization you chose; a leader or manager to interview. 
  • Select the organization you work for or an organization of your choice. 
  • Interview one  leader or manager from the organization so that you may complete a SWOT  for the organization. Let the interviewee know you are working on a  class project. Prior to your interview, develop a 5- to 7-question  interview questionnaire you will use to query the interviewee to  complete the organization’s SWOTs. The Student Materials Interview  Questions is a good starting point. This is data gathering for this  assignment paper.
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis of the organization. 
  • Create a 400 – 600 word summary of your analysis. 

Format the assignment consistent with APA guidelines. 

Part 2 

Assignment Steps

  • Resources: Ch. 5, 6, and 7 of Management: A Practical Introduction; Week 3 – Part 1 SWOT analysis for the organization; company strategic plan. 
  • Scenario: You have been promoted to senior level  manager of a company with low employee morale and decreased productivity  (internal weaknesses). You have been tasked with developing a strategic  plan for the workforce to present to the CEO and other members of the  leadership team. 
  • Choose your organization or one you know well to  use for this assignment. You may use the same organization you used in  previous weeks. 
  • Develop a 1-year strategic plan of action for your organization using lessons learned and your learning team activity during Week 3.  
  • Include plans for any additional staffing and the  proposed budget for your plan. Modify your SWOT analysis, if necessary,  for your presentation.
  • Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint® presentation to include detailed Speaker Notes of the following aspects: 
  • Explain rationale for plan
  • Discuss SWOT of organization
  • Summarize one year plan of action
  • Flowchart of one year plan
  • Give an overview of Budget for plan
  • Evaluate the potential benefit of the plan
  • Write conclusion
  • Develop a 500- 700-word Microsoft Word summary for the Executive team.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines for in-text citations and a separate reference slide. 

TitleABC/123 Version X1
Sample SWOT AnalysisMGT/521 Version 141

Sample SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis That Might Apply to a College


SOURCE: Figure 6.2 Kinicki and Williams

SWOT Analysis Table (Blank)

S – Strengths(Internal Strengths)W – Weaknesses(Internal Weaknesses)
O – Opportunities(External Opportunities)T – Threats(External Threats)

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