Complete Both Parts Of Assignment

Part 1

  • Examine the mission and vision statements of your  place of employment or an organization with which you are familiar.  Then, use the internet to locate and examine the mission and vision  statement of a comparable organization (same industry – possibly a competitor). 
  • Use the Mission and Vision Comparison Table  provided (student materials) to compare your organization’s mission and  vision statement to the one you found on the Internet. Recommend  that you use brief statement to describe each section of the table.  This research and analysis is critical to success in part 2. Opinions without analysis have no real value for organizational decision making.

PART 2 – Create a 1,200 -1,400 word analysis including the following: 

  • Compare and contrast your organization’s mission, vision, and values  against the criteria for what makes for robust statements. You need to  research robust statement criteria! Use Part 1 as your analytical  foundation.
  • Summarize what you concluded from your analysis of your organization to the organization (part 1) you found on the Internet.
  • Identify your organization’s core competencies. Examine your  organization’s core competencies based on established definitions  [research needed]. Include a rationale for the selection of these core  competencies.
  • Briefly summarize your organization’s strategic goals.
  • Evaluate whether your organization’s current operating approach and  business goals are aligned to its mission, vision, values, and core  competencies.
  • Determine if your organization lives up to its own mission, vision,  and values [ethically] and justify your determination. Justify your  determination using credible research support from the textbook, UOP  Library, and company information from corporate websites.

Append your Mission and Vision Comparison Table (Part 1) to the end of the document after your Reference page. (Learn how to do this in MS Word using the proper tool)