Competing With A Goliath


  • Answer a minimum of 2 questions out of 3
  • Each post should be 150 words minimum

Q1. What is Tela’s positioning and how well is it working?

Q2. Which of the four brand positioning options should Tela pursue? Which criteria are you using to evaluate each option?

Q3. What special challenges does Tela face as a second mover?

Discussion Case Studies – Reflection Questions

Number of critiques/reviewsThe student answered at least 2 of the 3 questions with sufficient depth (minimum of 150 words per answer)0 answer = 0 pt1 answer = 5 pts2 or more answers = 10 ptsOut of 10
Quality of reflectionThe student provides quality answers that show a good understanding of the case and strong analytical skills· Provide nuanced answers (pros and cons of both sides)· Support his/her ideas with information from case, lectures, or outside sourcesOut of 20
Quality of grammar/structure of answer· Posts are easy to read and free of typos and grammatical mistakesOut of 10
TOTALOut of 40