Company/Corporation/Organization That Has Been Lauded For Its Innovative Business Practices

§ You have two options for the topic of this assignment.

i. You will research a company/corporation/organization that has been lauded for its innovative business practices. This can be a company in any industry. The main criteria is that you have to prove how it is an innovator.

ii. You will research a company/corporation/organization that has been investigated or proven to have made an illegal, unethical or similar action that has affected its credibility in the business community.

§ You will write a three page report with your research on it (References will be in MLA or APA- your choice) and upload on the due date.

§ You will then create and deliver a short Slide Deck (any program, including Power Point is fine) presentation showcasing your research. Dress for your presentation is business casual. No exceptions!

§ You will use Canvas Studio (scroll down on Canvas left-hand menu and find and familiarize yourself with Studio).

§ You will upload your final Power Point and report to Canvas on the due date. 

§ Your presentation will be 5 minutes long. Try to time it exactly.  Points will be deducted for under 4 and over 5 minutes. No note cards are allowed. Your Power Point slides are your talking points. Therefore, you will have about 6-10 Power Point slides. You will be using research; on your last slide, cite your sources in MLA or APA format.  

§ Do not read WORD FOR WORD off the Slide Deck. You will get a 30 point deduction immediately if this occurs (Grading will start at a 70). 

Topics for slides can include:

1) Description of the action

2) Short history/background of the company

3) Key players/contributors to the i) innovative ) or ii) illegal, unethical action

4) Evaluation of the action (why was it i) innovative or ii) illegal / unethical?)

5) Impact of the action on employees, the public, or the corporation’s reputation

6) Action by the courts, government, etc. What price did this company pay for this act (if any)?

7) Lessons learned from this case study? 

Grading Criteria is as follows: