Company Assignment

Create a “Company”, business or organization that you will use during this course. It could be a type of business where you work or have worked, one that you would like to begin in the future, or something that you are familiar with.  You may not use an existing company like Publix or Home Depot.

Describe this “Company” by telling what type of business or organization this is. Include the ownership or corporate structure and a brief description of the chain of command or levels of management. Assume that you are responsible for Human Resource duties. Provide a range of the number of employees that this business will hire. (Must be more than 4 and less than 100)

Most weeks you will have an assignment to add information about your “Company” related to the information found in the chapter of that week.

I appreciate creativity and thoughtfulness in these assignments.


Company Assignment

Type of Business:      Sebring Middle School is where I presently work as an Administrative Secretary and Bookkeeper (I will use it only as one entity and not as a District so that I may demonstrate a single business). This will be a non-profit organization with funds coming directly from the State and Federal levels. Sebring Middle School is really ran by the District but I am choosing to use it as my company assignment – using just the school as a stand along school.  A public school established in 1979, housing grades 6-8 which will hold around 700 students. The number of employees will be 50 teachers with other staff but no more than 75 (this is similar but not accurate to my original school).

Salary Ranges:          $15,000 – $65,000

Location:                    500 E. Center Av. , Sebring, Fl 33870

Hours:                        7:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.  (one-hour lunches for this purpose only)

Chain of Command: Principal,  Assistant Principal, Dean, Teachers, Guidance Counselors are of equal status

                                    Coaches (usually Teachers on campus), Resource Officer – reports to the Public Police Department and Principal

                                    Administrative Secretary / Bookkeeper – Human Resource Management for school level. The administrative secretary oversees / manages the office employees while working directly with all school personal to meet their needs with the Principal or Assistant Principal making the final decisions.  and then the Guidance Secretary, Data Operator,  Front Desk, Clinic Aid and IDEA Clerk are of equal status. The Paraprofessionals – assists all teachers and students, Cafeteria Manager and staff, Plant Manager along with  3 Custodians.

Focus:        Focus will be on student education and public relationships to help with the growth of students along with building trust within the community during a time when education is critical and safety measures are important.