Cmgt 410

This is the core of any project plan used to communicate what tasks are needed and the order of sequence to be done to meet deadlines and deliverables.

Using your project charter completed in Week Two as a guide, complete the following:

  • A 1-page Business Requirements Document (BRD) that provides details regarding the expectations (such as user, system, and functional requirements) that must be met for achieving project goals
  • A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Gantt chart, developed as an MS Project file, showing discrete work tasks, grouped hierarchically in a way that helps to organize and define the total work scope of the project
  • Gantt diagram showing duration estimates for all tasks and their sequencing (including precedence relations) and highlighting any critical path(s) arising from task dependencies ultimately determining the minimal duration of a project

Submit your Microsoft® Project file and requirements document using the Assignment Files tab.

Project Charter

Jay Wehling, Jeremy Harlow, Julie Jenkins, Jen Quon


January 18, 2016

James O’Brien

Running head: PROJECT CHARTER1

Project Charter

Company Overview

Tamed Manufacturing is a Fortune 500 company that is nationwide manufacturer and distributor of classified military small arms and light weapons (SA/LW) components. Winning multiple defense contracts with the United States Military and joint NATO partners, Tamed Mfg. has become the largest supplier of SA/LW components.

Due to the amount of classified information that is transmitted throughout the network and database infrastructures that exist within Tamed Mfg., the Board of Directors and Executive Management have decided that a thorough analysis and redesign of all network and database infrastructures will be required. The first area of focus that is being requested is the Human Resources Database framework and its corresponding infrastructure. The expectation that securing the data that is contained within the database and securing all data that is transmitted to and from this database needs to be met in a timely fashion and within the budgetary constraints.

Goals and Objectives

Tamed Mfg. main goal and objective will center on the infrastructure of the new design and database that will be used to store company information. The main goal will be to develop/redesign the network and database to include more protection in the classified Tamed Mfg. information that is received on a daily basis. Next Tamed Mfg. will create a system to monitor the new program (testing phase) to ensure that the software is meeting the expectations that have been set. Then a training and development plan will be made to ensure all employees who have access to the new program know how to use the new database to ensure no errors occur.

Tamed Mfg. main objective is to ensure that the redesign of the current software program will align with the business needs. The new framework will certify that any information including security information will remain classified and secure from any threats or breaches. Also, training and development will aid in employees in not only understanding the new program but also why a new program is crucial to meet the business needs of Tamed Mfg.

Project Scope

            The reason for this undertaking will be to create a better Human Resources Client-Server Database framework. This new framework will be fit for concentrating the company’s information and expanding the general security of the information inside. This was passed on to the consideration of the IT office in view of the undeniably overpowering measure of individual information as of now transmitted crosswise over unsecured information lines, inside the company. Worker data is brought with the most noteworthy respect and securing that data is need one. Since the company has a few areas around the nation, a concentrated database framework is expected to secure worker’s data, yet stay available to the need to know representatives that need access to it.

The venture will incorporate the building of a between organization system, equipped for conveying between each of the workplaces. A system overhaul of every area, fit for taking care of the approaching and active movement of every area, and the equipment moves up to the servers need to be redesigned also, ready to handle the expanded workload.

Budgetary Limitations

Tamed Manufacturing’s Board of Directors and Executive Management realize the importance of securing the company data and are willing to set forth an operating budget of one million dollars. The board and management team expect the project to come in under budget, however, there will be contingency funds available to ensure success of the project. Prudence is expected when deciding what preferred vendors will be selected and it is assumed that standard RFI’s (Request for Information) and RFQ’s (Request for Quotes) will be used. All contracts will be routed in accordance to company policy and will be signed off by the CIO and CEO before proceeding. The amount of time needed for contract routing must be taken into consideration while planning the project timeline.

Structured Roles and Responsibilities

To ensure success with the implementation of this new system, it is imperative that all team members understand their roles and what responsibilities they will have throughout the life of the project. Tamed Mfg. executive team and governing board make up the executive sponsor for the project and have the responsibility of securing the budget and giving final approval for all decisions. The Chief Operating Officer will act as the business sponsor, and as such, will work with the project team to set the conditions of satisfaction for the project. He will also chair the steering committee, which, comprised of select members of Tamed Mfg. management, will maintain oversight of the project and resolve issues that may arise. The project team consists of the project manager, who organizes and manages the project as a whole, and reports progress and issues to the steering committee. Also on the project team are representatives from the software vendor and from Tamed Mfg. Human Resources and IT departments, including network, desktop and server support personnel who will lend their expertise to the project. A user group will selected to test the new product to ensure complete functionality prior to company-wide implementation.