Civil War In Kansas

HIST147 Civil War in Kansas (10 Points)

Due: May 12 by 11:59pm (post response to Canvas)




Students should read the article, “Civil War in Kansas – Reading” (located in the “Week 6” module) and write a response to the assignment question below.


The response for each question should be at least 150 words. Students are welcome to go over the minimum word count requirement. If you include the question in your response, it does not count toward the word count requirement. The response should be written in complete sentences. The response should be written in your own words. DO NOT use quotes from the article.


These responses will be evaluated on how well the responses reflect the information presented in the article.


Students should submit their responses as ONE Word doc or PDF file to Canvas.


Assignment Question


1. Which side do you think was responsible for the violence in Kansas, the North or the South? Take a position on this question by stating a general principle of fair treatment and explain how one side upheld this principle and the other side violated this principle