Choose An Olympic Team To Thoroughly Analyze

It’s a group paper—-group!!!

You just need to write my part of work!!!

My part are: 

5. Organizational influences

-How are they rewarded (monetary? Bonuses?)

– communication systems

– organizational structure (first Olympic committee, speed skating org ., team )

-org. culture (work ethic? Strong norms and roles

(It’s a half of #5, not all of #5, see more on my attach word doc)


Group Project

MGT 422

Fall 2017

Choose an Olympic Team to thoroughly analyze

Analyze components of the team, win/loss history and make a prediction of the final outcome based on your team analysis

Teams in Action Anatomy of a Team

Written Report Due & Group Presentation – Due on the following dates which will be randomly assigned:

Wednesday, October 11,2017

Monday, October 16, 2017

Wednesday, October 18,2017

Peer Evaluation – due on Blackboard by 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 18,2017 (Refer to syllabus for instructions.) NO EXCEPTIONS

Due Dates


The assignment will include both a written and oral component.

Select a group of 4-5 students to work with.

Using the Team Success/Failure Model analyze the different aspects of an Olympic Team. Use a team from the upcoming Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics.

Begin by selecting a team of your choice to study.


Professionally written component of the project to be based off the Team Success/Failure Model. Paper should include the following elements:


Team goal or task – Level of difficulty.

Individual characteristics. Who – highlight members (roughly 4-5 members if you choose a large team). Don’t forget the coaches.

Team characteristics.

Organizational Influences.

External Influences.


Predicted outcome including win/loss forecasts based on your analysis.


Instructions (Cont.)

Each group will prepare a 10 -12 minute presentation for the class. Have fun with this and be creative. You do NOT need to report on all aspects that are included in the paper.

You will be scored on this component based on

Presentation skills

Presentation materials (Power Point, Prezi, or



Audience Interest


Remember this is a team assignment in a Teams course! Use the talents & strengths of the individual members to divide the tasks/workload for the project. Don’t forget your team workload. Consider the diversity, skills, and team member styles.

Citations for your sources are required.

Final Notes