I need to part 3 and 4 on the attached group project for case study 1.1 which can be found on page 29 of the attached textbook.

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MAN4633 MNC Strategy: Group Project Case Analysis Instructions

The following outline is designed to provide you with general guidance on how to structure your group’s written case analysis and your PowerPoint presentation of the case. Remember that only one person of the group needs to submit the assignments when they are due. Submit both your Group Project- Case Analysis Paper and Group Project- Presentation via the Assignment Drop Box.

The perspective you are to write from is that of a consulting group that has been hired by the organization that is the subject of the case. Your job is to analyze the issues raised in the case and to make recommendations to the client company based on that analysis. In conducting your analysis and formulating your recommendations, you are to make decisions based on the information known at the time that the case is happening, do not use your knowledge of subsequent events in your decision making process (i.e. do not let the advantage of hindsight influence your judgment).

Paper/Presentation Outline Format

I. INTRODUCTION – briefly introduce the company and put it in context. Be concise – do not merely repeat all the facts of the case. Assume your audience (the rest of the class) has already read the case and knows the basic facts.

II. KEY ISSUES – identify all those noted in the case.

III. GENERAL ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS – Put the key issues of the case in context in terms of what, of relevance, is going on in the firm’s external environment: economically, politically, socially, competitively that influences your possible course of action.

IV. SWOT ANALYSIS – Identify the firm’s strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats the firm faces in its operating environment.

V. STRATEGIC ALTERNATIVES – Based upon the above identification of the key issues at hand and your analysis of the overall situation, you should now be able to generate a few options for the firm in terms of what course of action it might take. You should list each of these strategic alternatives and discuss the relative merits (pros and cons) of each.

VI. RECOMMENDED COURSE OF ACTION (and implementation plan) – From your previous discussion of the strategic alternatives available to the firm, you will now choose one course of action you recommend to the firm and explain how the firm should proceed in implementing your recommendation.

VII. CONCLUSION – Explain how the firm will benefit if it implements your recommended course of action.

VIII. UPDATE TO PRESENT – If you are able to do any external research on the firm (that is, if the company in your case is a real firm – no fictitious name used in the case), briefly give an update to the present on what happened to the firm with the issues of the case, what course of action did they choose (don’t let this influence your recommendations above), and what was the outcome.