Case Study: Costco (Summary of the line of business.)

Your manager wants to understand the economics of Costco’s business as well as its financing.  She has asked you to prepare a memorandum that analyzes the business side of Costco, which she will use in responding to client questions.  Prepare that memo, addressing the four items below.  My guess is that you will write 1,000 – 1,500 words, but these are not hard limits.  The numbers of paragraphs for each item are also just suggestions.

1.Summary of the line of business.  Using at least two of the data bases available through Lemieux Library, describe the nature of Costco’s business and the competitive pressures it faces.  2 – 3 short paragraphs, citing sources overall, although you don’t need to do this item by item.  You can incorporate pieces of the first paragraph from the earlier portion of the assignment if you wish.