Case Study and Discussion: Ferguson’s Formula – Leadership

This is a small case study:

Click the link:

Answer these questions that related to the link above:
  1. What does the article highlight as being the key reasons for Alex Ferguson’s success?
  2. How would you describe his approach to leadership? (What style did he have? Was he transactional, transformational? Was he charismatic? Why do you describe him this way)?
  3. Is there anything over-emphasised or anything missing from this analysis of Ferguson’s approach to leadership? What? Why and how might it be important?
  4. How transferable do you think the leadership lessons learned from this case are?
  5. What does the article itself say about how we look at leadership?

    each question answer should be a maximum of 100 words. it should be 2 pages PowerPoint slides.


Your PowerPoint presentation should use Arial or Times New Roman Fonts of 24 or larger and contain:

  1. Two slides of content answering the tasks above in bullet point format. Please use diagrams or illustrations where needed, as well as short phrases of descriptive text.
  2. A references page at the end.