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Assignment: Page 212 “Creativity at Apple”

Read the story and then answer the four discussion questions on page 213. by writing a 3-5 page paper using references only from the book. Chapter 3, “Solving Problems Analytically and Creatively.” Chapter 3 starts on page 167.

Discussion Questions

1. Consider the four approaches to creativity. What approach(es) has Apple relied

upon? What alternatives have other firms in the industry pursued? What other

alternatives could Apple implement?

2. Assume you were a consultant to the CEO at Apple. What advice would you give

on how Apple could capitalize on its creativity? How can Apple make money based

on its own inclination to pursue creativity in certain ways?

3. What are the major obstacles and conceptual blocks that face Apple right now?

What do employees need to watch out for?

4. What tools for fostering creative problem solving are applicable to Apple, and which

would not be workable? Which ones do you think are used the most there?

What you will do is write a response in APA format that will be 3-5 pages long, answering the discussion questions. You will read the case assigned and answer the questions at the end. It should generally take about 3-5 pages (typed and single-spaced please) to adequately answer the questions for each case. Yes or no answers are not ever adequate. Try to look at the question the same as a good reporter would. Answer “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How”. Your analysis will be graded based upon your logical thought, your use of principles from the text (shown in APA citation), and your writing skills.