Case Study

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on jobs. What does the future of employment look like?

Since the development and popularity of AI, there seems to be conversations about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and what impact it will have on jobs in the future. It’s a topic that many people are concerned which may be obvious in which several jobs are now being reviewed as AI taking the place of employees and job creation and sustainability is the name of the game.

Artificial Intelligence is a computer capable of doing anything a human can do from playing chess to making waffles which may be available in the near future and Artificial Narrow which is a weak Intelligence, is a computer capable of what a human can do, but only within narrow bounds e.g. repetitive tasks. This is already present today.

If your job is 100% repetitive, for example, doing a single task, then it may be worthwhile up-skilling or looking at how to laterally move to a job you can progress in. By automating repetitive tasks, a company can gain substantial financial benefits. You can expect to see A.I. automation replacing some of these jobs.

Review the following chart and answer the related questions below.

Managing Others

Applying Expertise

Unpredictable Physical Work

Predictable Physical Work

Data Collection

Data Processing

Food Service









Health Care/Social   Assistance



Educational   Services

1.Based on the chart above, please research the professions listed in bold. Then, complete the chart with the percentages of their being automated or not. Discuss your findings in detail.

2. Consider the fact that the professions in the chart above will not be replaced, please discuss and/or explain why these professions will not be replaced.

3. How do expert systems relate to artificial intelligence? NOTE: Expert systems for this assignment are defined as:  “A program that gives answers, solutions, or diagnoses, based on available information, by following procedures that attempt to duplicate the thought processes and apply the knowledge of an expert in some particular field” (

4. What are the recent developments in A.I.?

5. Build a sample flowchart of how the programming would work for an Expert System by using basic information such as: Greetings, Jokes, News Updates, Games, Weather, Business usage. In addition to a default for “I don’t know”.

6. How would you control your device (voice/text or both)?