Case Analysis PPT

  1. Problem definition. A statement of the significant decision(s) the decision maker in the case must make and the major problem and the most significant issues faced by the firm and/or person in making the decision.
  2. Situation analysis. This section should include: a. An internal analysis of the strengths and weaknesses ofthe entrepreneur or enterprise; the entrepreneur’s and/or enterprise’s goals, objectives, values, preferences, etc.; financial situation, strategy, etc.; b. An external analysis of the markets, industry, competition, etc. in which the entrepreneur and his/her enterprise is operating or will operate.
  3. Options & alternatives. The 2 or 3 most important options which the entrepreneur may take to solve or address his or her problem.
  4. Evaluation. This section should include: a. Evaluative criteria i.e. What standards will be used to determine the viability of each alternative, both in general and relative to other alternatives? b. Actual evaluation of options/alternatives i.e. How does each alternative measure up according to the criteria you established? How do the alternatives compare? This section should help reveal, support and justify your recommendations.
  5. Recommendation(s). A recommendation to the entrepreneur for the action he/she should take to resolve his/her problem or major issue.