Case 4 PM

Heather works in the training department of a large information technology organization. She is in charge of designing and delivering interpersonal skills training, including communication skills, networking, and new manager training classes. Heather has excellent knowledge of how to design a training class. She incorporates deliberate practice into all of her classes. She has also conducted research on what good communication consists of, how to network, and what new managers need to know to be successful. However, individuals who attend Heather’s training classes often give her low ratings, stating that she has a hard time answering specific questions in classes and that she does not seem approach- able after the classes when individuals want to ask questions. 

You are Heather’s manager. You are meeting with Heather to discuss her poor performance and will try to determine what is going on. 

1. In your opinion, what is causing Heather’s poor performance? Is it due to a deficiency in abilities and traits, knowledge, and skills (declarative and procedural), or contextual issues?