Career Report


Total Points: 300

Topic: The goal of this assignment is to explore how your field defines professional communication. To prepare for this assignment, you should think about how professionals in your field communicate with supervisors, employees, customers, professionals in other fields, professional organizations, etc.

Part I: Prospectus (25 points)

Length: 1 – 2 pages

Due OG: Module 8

Due OL: Module 3

The Prospectus is a plan for the Communication in your Field/Career Report which outlines the scope of your project. You will need to perform some preliminary research for your Prospectus, cited in APA style, to support your answers to the questions below:

· Who is your audience for the report?

· What types of communication will you explore? Why?

· How will you organize your report? Why?

· What is your plan for researching and gathering information? Why?

· What kind of writing samples do you think you will include as appendices? Why?

· What questions do you have for the instructor?

Part II: Annotated References (25 points)

Length: 2 pages

Due OG: Module 10

Due OL: Module 5

You will need to conduct research using credible sources for this report, based on your career/field. The sources may come from databases, trade journals, or other written publications directly related to your field of study. This is a good opportunity to explore the types of sources that professionals in your field use to stay current with trends and developments.

You will need to locate a minimum of 5 sources for your annotated references page, though you may choose to not use all of these sources in your report. You may also need to seek out additional sources as you write your report; you will not need to create additional annotations for those sources. Remember, any sources you cite in your report will need to be listed in your final references page.

Each annotated reference should have 3 parts:

1. An APA-style citation for a references page

2. A summary of the source

3. An explanation of how this source will be used in your report

Part III: Communication in Your Field/Career Report (150 points)

Length: 3-5 pages, not including the cover page or references page

Due OG: Module 12

Due OL: Module 7

This report should synthesize your research to describe the types of communication a professional in your field needs to utilize on a regular basis.

Some questions you should address in your report are:

· What four types of communication are you most likely to use as a professional in your field? When are each of these four types used? Who is the most likely audience for each type of communication?

· What elements of written communication need to be present for your written communication to be considered successful?

· What are potential consequences of poor written communication in your field?

· What are some elements of interpersonal communication you will need in your field?

Report Requirements:

· Use credible, reliable sources such as databases, trade journals, or other written publications directly related to your field of study.

· Use standard report style such as a cover page, single spacing, block paragraphs, bold headings, etc.

· Include APA style in-text citations (to summarize, paraphrase, or quote sources) and a references page. Please note your instructor may submit your report to

Part IV: Writing Samples (Appendices) (100 points)

Due OG: Module 12

Due OL: Module 7

You will produce 4 original samples of field-specific written communication (worth 25 points each), and include them as appendices to your report. These samples should be items you discussed in your report, be addressed to an appropriate audience, and use language that is appropriate for the intended audience. Make sure to define your audience in your communication.

While you are not limited to this list, some examples of field-specific written communication include the following:

· Brochures

· Flyers

· Informal reports

· Interoffice communication

· Letters

· Meeting agendas

· Memos

· Newsletters

· Professional emails

· Social Media posts

· Texting, instant messaging

SLOs 1, 2, 3, 4 & EOs 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, 4a, 4b