This research paper is designed to challenge your thinking with respect to the career you hope to achieve and the

underlying OB principles that are driving your behavior. The context for this self-reflection paper should provide reader

with an overview of your past and the defining events that shaped your current decision to attend SNHU University. You

will then focus on current reality and describe what career issues you are currently facing and the reason you feel a

Masters will better position you in this current job market. Lastly, you will focus on the future and project where you hope

your career will take you and how you will define success in your future role(s). You should utilize your course readings

as one source of “research” for this paper. I also look for solid APA formatting and your final grade will be determined

based on the depth and breadth of OB principles applied to your self-diagnosis.

The minimum length of this research paper is at least 6-8 pages of solid content. There is no maximum length