Sections 1.1 through 1.3 of the Capstone Project (CP) template. You will also submit a self-evaluation of your work to the Capstone Project rubric and identify areas for continued development of the draft submitted. 

KoP specialization practitioner and scholarly literature are evaluated to provide context for the current business problem (phenomenon). This element of Milestone 1 describes the specific business problem, context and background within a company (on-site), and/or within and across industries. Seventy-five (75) % of References should be within the last five (5) years.


Complete Milestone 1 Form updating 1.1 Introduction and 1.2 Business problem, now adding 1.3 Business Context:

  • Start with a Business Context transition paragraph to explain what will be covered in 1.3 Business Context and how this milestone element will align with the 1.2 Business Problem.
  • Use APA Level 2 headings for each of your primary Themes. Demonstrate how each theme aligns with the Business Problem with cited content from your KoP Evaluation.
  • Use APA Level 1 heading and provide a summary of 1.3 Business Context with how collectively the themes align and support 1.2 Business Problem and the need for research.