Businesss DB Question 200-250 Words

In order to complete this discussion assignment, you will need to:

  1. Select a company that you are familiar with as a customer, employee, or investor.
  2. Locate  a copy of the company’s code of ethics. You can generally find this on  their Web site in the “About Us” section of the site. Make sure to get  the link/URL for the code of ethics when you are there, because you need  to include that link in your initial post.
  3. Do  some general research about the company you selected regarding possible  activities by the company or its leadership that either violates or  supports this code of ethics. You will use this information to support  the position you take in your initial post.

For Discussion

  1. Share the company you selected, the link/URL to the company’s code of ethics, and your reason for selecting the company.
  2. Based  on your reading of the company’s code of ethics, and your research into  the activities of the company, what grade would you give them for  adhering to their code of ethics? Use the same grading scale you are  evaluated by: A, B, C, D, F. Provide your reasoning for assigning them  the grade you did.
  3. Now,  consider the industry in which the company operates (e.g., Disney in  the entertainment industry). Are there forces at work in that industry that makes it easier or harder to be ethical?
  4. Are  there external factors (public opinion, social norms, attitudes,  values) that influence public perception of the company’s ethical  behavior? For example, even though cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris  may conduct its business according to its own code of ethics, some  people believe it is unethical for them to make and sell a product that  is known to cause cancer.
  5. Does a company’s adherence or nonadherence to a code of ethics influence your decision to do business with them?