Business Proposal Idea 6-7 Page

  • The name of your organization and the unit.
  • A narrowly defined purpose statement.
  • The proposed solution to address the problem or opportunity.

Please read the following to prepare for completing the activity.

For this assignment, you are writing an ungraded draft of a formal proposal for your workplace which will be reviewed by your instructor. You have or will very soon receive feedback on an earlier draft from your classmates. You should use that feedback as you write this draft or your final draft next week. In this ungraded assignment, you will refine your thinking in order to draft a full proposal on something realistic that you can support with credible information for a specific audience and context.

Your initial audience for this proposal is your immediate supervisor, but it’s entirely possible that your supervisor will forward the proposal up the chain of command and may also ask you to develop a presentation for the C-Suite if he or she thinks your plan is worthy of further consideration. (In fact, in Module 8 you will adapt your proposal for a persuasive presentation to the executives or to senior management).

For this rough draft, write at least the introduction; body; conclusions and recommendations; and references sections. (A full example of a report and proposal format can be found in Chapter 15 of Bovée and Thill).

Be sure to include the business situation and context – your organization and/or unit, the name and title of your audience, and the specifics of the workplace opportunity or issue. You will add the other elements in Module 7 when you revise the proposal for final submission and grading. Your rough draft should be at least 6 or 7 double-spaced pages and include a minimum of three sources to support your proposal.

While you will use secondary sources to support your proposal, also include any existing data at your workplace and explain any “next steps” for additional primary research that might be needed to support your proposal. In addition, consider how you will assess the results of your proposed action. Your proposal will identify the positive outcomes on your organization, so your manager will want to know how you plan to assess the outcomes you identify.

NOTE: Whenever appropriate, include a visual element in your proposal. You should do so if you believe your proposal would be more effective with a chart, graph, illustration, or other visual aid, given the subject matter and the needs of your audience

Title of Report

Prepared for

Recipient’s Name

Recipient’s Title

Recipient’s Company Name

Prepared by

Author’s Name

Author’s Title

Author’s Company Name


Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3

Introduction 4

Background or Statement of the Problem 4

Solution 4

Scope 4

Report Organization 4

Discussion 4

Facts and Evidence 4

Proposed Approach 4

Work Plan 4

Costs 4

Conclusion 4

References 6Executive Summary[Begin by typing your executive summary here. This is a one-page, or less, version of the entire proposal. A minimum of four paragraphs are required. Paragraph one focuses on the purpose of the proposal.][Paragraph 2 focuses on the summary of the problem the proposal will solve. Each paragraph must be at least three to five sentences long. Paragraphs should not exceed seven sentences, though.][Paragraph 3 focuses on a summary of the solution. It does not need to be a comprehensive summary. It should be a summary of three to five sentences that highlight the solution and its benefits.][Paragraph 4 focuses on a summary of the implementation or work plan. This can be a series of numbered action steps – note the use of the word action. Do NOT focus on results here. This paragraph is a brief overview of what it will take to make the solution happen.]Introduction[Begin by typing general information about the subject here. One short paragraph will suffice.]Background or Statement of the Problem[Type brief review of current situation/problem. One to two paragraphs. Cite sources.]Solution[Type brief version of solution here. One to two paragraphs.]Scope[Type boundaries of the proposal here. One to two paragraphs.]Report Organization[Type brief description of the organization of the proposal here. One to two paragraphs.]Discussion[Begin by describing the problem here. One short paragraph will suffice.]Facts and Evidence[Type complete details of proposed solution and anticipated results. Cite sources.]Proposed Approach[Describe the concept in detail, emphasizing benefits. Cite sources.]Work Plan[Type what and how you’ll accomplish the intended outcome – or how it should be done.]Costs[Type costs here. A list with brief descriptions will suffice.]Conclusion[Begin by reiterating the purpose of the proposal here. One short paragraph will suffice.][Review the arguments. One to two paragraphs.][Summarize benefits. One to two paragraphs.][Summarize merits of the approach.][End with a call to action.]ReferencesType your first reference here. This text has already been set to include the standard hanging indent style used in APA formatting. Be sure to include in-text citations for any references you include on the references list.You should have an absolute minimum of three sources to back up what you are proposing. Sources should primarily come from the EC Library and not be websites. If you need to use websites, consider asking me whether they are credible and appropriate.Be sure to review the APA reference citation formats in the EC Library. If you need help formatting a reference citation, please ask me. DO NOT copy and paste references from the EC Library as they are almost always at least partially incorrect.5