Business Organization Analysis :Study Question

Answer the questions

Please reference and cite all your sources in accordance with the APA style. you could have provided an organizational example (Walmart) in order to have illustrated this point better, (detail required for your answer). No Plagiarism.

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of centralized purchasing?
  2. Describe the four challenges of organization design.
  3. Describe the design choices faced in creating a mechanistic vs. an organic structure.

Required Content:

  2. Textbook

Heizer, J., Render, B., & Griffin, P. (2014). Operations management (Canadian Edition). Don Mills, Canada: Pearson Canada Inc.


Jones, G.R., Mills, A.J., Weatherbee, T.G., & Mills, J.H. (2005). Organizational theory, design, and change (Canadian ed.). North York, Canada: Pearson Canada Inc.

  • Chapter 4

Unit: Organization Design