Business Organization

Describe a situation where you witnessed an unethical communication situation.  This does not have to be in a work environment. 

  • Was anything said or done about the situation?  If so, explain what was done and by whom and if you agree with the action that was taken.  If no action was taken, what do you believe should have been done?
  • Based on the required readings for this module, what action(s) would have helped this situation?

This week we read – Communication is an essential component in organizations.  In this module we learn how the “control and command” model does not work anymore.  In today’s organizations, there needs to be “conversational communication” among all employees.  Part of this entails including the employees in the decision-making process.  This type of organization also spills over into the supervisor-subordinate relationship and into teams.  The hands-off or self-managing team is one of the top communication and leadership models.  Along with conversational communication, we also learn about ethical communication and the skills you need to become a success in your organization.