Business & Marketing

Pre-exame Q & A Answer 51 questions in  the space allotted for answers that must be accurate, stay on topic in  college level content, professionally written complete answers, in the spaces after each question?


ASSIGNMENT Pre Exam Test 51 Questions

Strategies of Marketing

Section A

1. What is a product?

2. What is a consumer product?

3. What is a business product?

4. What do we mean by a. a. (convenience product, –

b. (shopping product,-

c. (unsought, product –

d. (specialty product –

5. What do we mean by raw a. (materials, –

b. (component parts –

c. (process materials –

d. (accessory equipment –

e. ( installations –

6. What do we mean by a. ( product mix, –

b. (product line –

c. (product line extension, –

d. (product width –

d. ( product depth –

7. What is a a.(service –

b.( what are some of the unique characteristics of services –

c. (some of the resulting marketing challenges –

8. What do we mean by new-to-the-world products –

a. (discontinuous innovations –

b. (new product lines –

c. (product line extensions, –

d. (improvements or revisions of existing products –

e. ( repositioning –

f. ( cost reductions –

9. What do we mean by a.) idea generation –

b. (screening and evaluation, –

c. (development, –

d. (test marketing –

e. (commercialization –

10. Why is pricing so important to companies?

11. In which situations do buyers have more power than the sellers ?

12. In which situations sellers have more power ?

13. What is the relationship between price and revenue ?

14. What do we mean by price elasticity?

15. What do we mean by inelastic demand ?

16. What are some situations that decrease price sensitivity?

17. What do we mean by price a. (.skimming, –

b.(odd pricing, –

c.(penetration pricing –

18. What is a marketing channel –

19. What are some of the marketing functions performed by distributors –

a. (Sorting –

b. (breaking bulk –

c.( maintaining inventories, –

d.( maintaining convenient locations –

e. (provide services) –

20 What are slotting allowances?

21. What are some of the reasons that outsourcing has increased in recent years?

22. What are the driving forces that lead companies to outsource certain functions?

23. What do we mean by dual distribution?

24. What do we mean by –

a. ( exclusive, –

b. selective –

c. ( intensive distribution-

25. What do we mean by publicity and public relations?

26.What is a company news release?

27.What is (a. personal selling –

b. sales promotion –

28. What are the different types of publicity that a company may use?

29. What do we mean by, a. ( personal selling –

b. (sales management –

30.What do we mean by a. ( developing sales force objectives –

b.( determining sales force size –

c. ( recruiting and training salespeople –

30. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of ( a. coupons –

b.( rebates –

c.(samples –

d. (loyalty programs –

Section B

31. What is branding strategy?

32. What do we mean by a.( brand recognition –

b. ( brand loyalty –

c. (brand preference –

d. (brand equity –

e. (brand insistence –

33.What do we mean by differentiation and positioning?

34.What are some differentiation strategies that firms can use –

a.( product descriptors –

b. ( product features, –

c. (customer support services, name (2) some others. –

35.What do we mean by co-branding?

36. What do we mean by a. (brand recognition –

b. brand preference –

c. brand insistence –

37. What do we mean by a, ( market positioning –

b. ( and repositioning –

38. What is the product life cycle?

39. what are some strategies that a firm can follow during the different stages of the product life cycle?

40. What happens to competition and profits during the different stages of the product life cycle?

Section C

41. What do we mean by ethics and social responsibility in marketing strategy?

42. What do we mean by economic and legal responsibilities; philanthropic responsibilities and sustainability?

43. What is the relationship of marketing ethics and strategy?

44. What are some product, pricing, promotion and supply chain ethical issues?

45. What do we mean by “enlightened self-interest”?

46.What is the role of the top management in creating an ethical environment in a company?

47. What are , a. ( some of the deceptive practices in marketing –

b. (how firms try to regulate them-

48. What is the role of a code of conduct for a company?

49. What are some of the key considerations in developing a code of conduct?

50. Why is the connection of marketing ethics and leadership so important?

51.What is the connection of social responsibility and marketing performance?