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I need a SPACE MATRIX, BCG MATRIX and a   IE MATRIX for Polaris Industries building on the SWOT analysis I have attached in APA format with references.

Sales increased 10.55% from Q3 14 to Q3 15 (Polaris, 2015)Canadian Currency negative $0.77 to 1 CAD (Polaris, 2015)
Gross Profit increased 6.58% from Q3 14 to Q3 15 (Polaris, 2015)Australian Currency negative $0.71 to AUD (Polaris, 2015)
Operating Income increased 8.28% from Q3 14 to Q3 15 (Polaris, 2015)Polaris Work & Transportation and Polaris Defense segments down 3% in 2015- lag in government contracts (Polaris, 2015)
Net Income increased 37.55% from Q3 14 to Q3 15 (Polaris, 2015)Europe, Middle East & Africa Sales decreased 12% for FY 2014 (Polaris, 2015)
Diluted net income per share rose from 2.06 in Q3 14 to 2.30 in Q3 15 , a 10.43% increase (Polaris, 2015)Canadian Sales decreased 17% for FY 2015 (Polaris, 2015)
Debt to Equity Ratio for Q3 15 is .34 indicating a low risk (Polaris, 2015)Recent inclusion of motorcycle segment lags behind competitors Harley Davidson(328,756,000) and Honda (192,154,000 Yen)
Latin America Sales up 43% for FY 2015 (Polaris, 2015)Global Adjacent Markets is comprised of Aixam, GEM and Goupil, as well as all commercial BRUTUS ® and government applications sold outside of our traditional dealer channels. Global Adjacent Markets sales decreased two percent to $312.1 million for 2015 compared to 2014 (Polaris, 2015)
Asia Pacific Sales up 6% for FY 2015 (Polaris, 2015)Sales decline in foreign countries was primarily driven by negative currency rate movements, which had an unfavorable 15 percentage point impact on sales for 2015 compared to 2014 (Polaris, 2015)
Parts, Garments & Accessories increased 5% for FY 2015 (Polaris, 2015) Operating expenses for 2015 increased four percent to $692.2 million primarily due to higher research and development expenses, as well as increased general and administrative expenses, which includes infrastructure investments being made to support global growth initiatives (Polaris, 2015)

SWOT Analysis

Motorcycles comprise 15% of overall sales for 2015, launch of limited edition Indian motorcycle partnership with Jack Daniels will increase the motorcycle segment (Rocco, 2016)Government oversight of the safety of the ORVs, ATVs, snowmobiles and motorcycles. Consumer Product Safety Commission Data states that 65% of ATV deaths occur on roads. (Weintraub & Best, 2014)
Parts, Garments & Accessories only contribute 8% to overall sales, expand product line and increase market penetration (Polaris, 2015)Interest groups such as the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) advocate to increase legislation regarding the use of ATVs citing that 39 of 50 states currently allow their use on Public Roads (Weintraub & Best, 2014, p. 3)
EMEA Region contributed largest sales amount of $466 million, even though overall sale were down- focus on increasing sales and potential expansion of product line (Polaris, 2015)Arctic Cat acquires MotorFist LLC which will increase competition in the PG&A segment. This segment accounts for 16% of Arctic Cat sales (Arctic Cat, 2016)
 Recent inclusion of motorcycle segment (698,300,000)leads competitors (Harley Davidson (328,756,000) and Honda (192,154,000 Yen)increasing opportunity to gain more of the market share with increased advertising (Polaris, 2015) Yamaha Motors reported an 13.5% increase in sales from 2014 to 2015 in their power products segment which includes: All-terrain vehicles, Recreational Off-highway vehicles, golf cars, snowmobiles, generators small sized snow throwers and multi-purpose engines (Yamaha, 2016)
 Only 9% of fatally injured ATV riders on public roads in 2014 used helmets. Opportunity to market accessories and promote safety (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute, 2016)Cost of sales increased 7% primarily from the effect of purchased materials and services and labor and benefits (Polaris, 2015)
Arctic Cat undergoing large turnover of executive staff and sales for 2015 decreased by 4.54% (Arctic Cat, 2016)Threat of lawsuits: The 2013 loss from discontinued operations is a result of a 2013 unfavorable jury verdict in a previously disclosed lawsuit involving a collision between a 2001 Polaris Virage personal watercraft and a boat. The jury awarded approximately $21.0 million in damages of which our liability was $10.0 million (Polaris, 2015)


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