Business Letter

Ask yourself these questions first while constructing this letter:

— What is the purpose? — What is the response I want? — State reasons for writing that person or company/organization — Get quickly to the point and clearly state your reasons — Do you have the correct format? Remember this is business letter format not a memo.


You are the manager of the Miami Grand Hotel at 222 Palm Tree Avenue, Miami FL 22210 where your customer Tom Jones wants to change a booking he made two weeks earlier. He is due to arrive next week and is trying to change the reservation at the last minute. Write a letter informing him why the hotel is unable to grant the request due to the large number of guests staying at your hotel. Remember, we DO NOT want an angry customer so, think carefully about how you will handle this situation and remember, this should not become his problem! Good luck!

You can create an imaginary mailing address for Tom Jones or use FIU’s.

I look forward to reading professional business letter #2. This assignment is due on Thursday April 5, 2018 to the Pearson drop box and a hard copy handed to me in class.

Professor Siress