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Business Communications BUS 1501 Professor Sheldon Leiba

Assignment #3: Individual Formal Business Report –

An Organization I Would Like to Work For (20%)

• This is an individual assignment Learning Objectives:

• To gain experience creating (writing, design, editing, proofreading) a formal business report, including using proper APA format.

• To understand the structure of formal business reports.

• To use effective research methodologies and analysis.

• Analyzing organizations in your chosen field (Researching Jobs; Job Application) Submission:

• Due Date: Please refer to Critical Path on Blackboard

• All Submissions are due in class in printed and stapled hard copy on the Due Date indicated. All assignments should be in 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1.5 line spacing, standard margins.

• An electronic copy is to be submitted in Blackboard (under Assessments-Assignments) by 12 noon on the Due Date. Late assignments will be deducted marks.

Instructions: You will prepare a research report on an organization that has a presence in Canada that you think you would like to work for when you graduate. Include: Introduction/Background: (no more than 1 page of text)

• A brief history of the organization, its mission/purpose, products, services • Basic information such as its industry, target customer, market share, competitive

position • Organizational structure and leadership • include at least one “visual”

Analysis: (2 pages)

• 1 key opportunity it is pursuing and how they plan to achieve it • 1 key challenge it faces and how they plan to meet those challenges • Why did you choose this organization initially? • Based on your research, what is your sense of its organizational culture? What are your

impressions of the organization (consider the PAIBOC questions on pages 25). It is important that you think critically – go beyond what the organization says about itself, and provide your own personal impressions in your own words.

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• Identify two key questions that you would wish to know further about the organization to prepare for an interview there.

Conclusion (no more than a half page):

• Having done this research, do you still think it is an organization that you would like to work for when you graduate? Explain your reasons.

Your paper must contain all parts of a formal business report (see Module 17; example on pg. 315): Cover Page, Letter of Transmittal, Executive Summary, Table of Contents; Introduction, Report Body/Analysis, Conclusion, References). Expect the total report to be no more than 10 pages. The References page must have at least six sources cited, using APA format. You also MUST include in-text citations using APA format in body of report. Academic integrity: All reports will be checked for academic integrity and originality. You must ensure that your report is your own original work, and sources of information properly cited. Tips & Hints: Start early so that you have time to gather your information and prepare at least two drafts. Make sure you keep track of all materials researched, including websites, as you do your research. Resources: Modules 2, 4, 5, 13-18, 23 of the Textbook. For a terrific resource for APA citations, go to Humber Library website (See “APA in Minutes”). Grading Criteria:

Needs Improvement

Satisfactory Excellent

Criteria 1 – Content – PAIBOC, 5 C’s (clear, concise, comprehensive, complete, correct); insightful, engaging, critical analysis

0-6 7-9 10-12

Criteria 2 Design, Grammar and Spelling

0-1 2 3-4

Criteria 3 – Contains all the elements of a formal business report, uses proper APA format

0-1 2 3-4