Business Administration

BUS 437 Project Procurement Management Discussion Questions

Week 2 Discussion

“Effective Management.” There are three (3) recommendations for effective management of projects in concurrent multiphase environments: Organizational System Design, System Implementation, and Managing in Concurrent Engineering.

· Which of these three (3) recommendations for effective management would you or do you use most often? Why?

Week 3 Discussion

Top of Form

“Managing Configuration and Data for Effective Project Management.” The process protocol model consists of thirteen (13) steps from Inception to Feedback.

· What are the steps?

· Can any be skipped in this process model? What are the steps?

Week 4 Discussion

“Organizational Project Management Maturity Model.” Students will respond to the following:

· What is the four-step process of innovation and learning and how can your organization apply these steps to manage a project?

· Of the five (5) levels of an organizational project management maturity model, which level is often the most difficult to manage? Why?