Types of Experiments

Survey- Go to and sign up for a free account. Then create three questions and appropriate answer choices.

Are the questions you are asking going to provide results that can be related to the thesis?

Are the answer choices going to capture the range of possible answers?

Have you chosen the best style of answer range for the question being asked? Some are simple questions (yes/no), Likert scale (range from strongly disagree to strongly agree), or nominal questions (the range of choices are exclusive from each other, like a CIS professional picking from a list of computer programs that are preferred).

Are the questions dissimilar enough to not repeat the same type of result information?

Once the survey is complete, create a URL address for distribution. You need to decide who is going to take this survey and deliver the URL to them. Who would make the best group to take the survey considering the questions? Could anyone take it, or would the results mean more if those taking the survey had pertinent knowledge or experience? One opportunity to consider, if experts in the field would make the results more reliable, consider those in your field of study. Think of where you would like to get a job after graduation. Send your survey there. Not only would you get more reliable results but establish a connection to make them aware of you when you apply in the future.

Observation- You will design a plan for recording the number of instances of an occurrence for a significant amount of time. For example, if you were a Criminal Justice major studying driver safety laws, you could observe how many people at a stop sign were and were not wearing seatbelts over the course of an hour.

Creating Graphs:

Use your Power Point Presentation to create graphs of the results: one for each survey question or one for the observation. Do not use the graphs provided by Is the graph style selected the best for the type of data explained? Is enough information provided so that the information is understandable without being explained?

All of the following should be turned in using the upload instructions below.

•For a survey- Your three survey questions and link to your survey.

•For an observation- What you will be observing and recording. When and where you will be doing the observation.