BA 2410 – Module Three Homework

Chapter 8

1. Describe and discuss the selection measures that your current organization uses to select employees (include any tests, interviews, etc.). After reading the chapters in this module, do you think that these measures are the best ones to use? If so, why? If not, what would you suggest and why? Be sure to discuss how the measures are both valid and reliable in predicting success in the job.

2. You are a recruiter for an investment bank. What selection tests would be appropriate to use for entry-level professional positions? Which tests would clearly not be appropriate?

3. Your Accounting Manager has decided that using a behavioral interview to select accountants will solve many hiring problems. What can you tell him about the pros and cons of behavioral interviews?  

4. How would you do a complete background investigation on applicants to minimize concerns about negligent hiring? Use specific ideas and examples from the text.

Chapter 10

5.  What is talent management and how is it linked to other HR functions? Why is it growing in importance?

6. Identify some key mistakes companies make in the succession planning process. Why is successful succession planning important?

7. Identify several methods of assessing the development needs of employees. What are some key components of these methods?