Bus Purchasing And Materials

Respond to each topic for discussion (Supply Strategic Planning, Tech Cost, Make or Buy and Sourcing). Each Topic must be a min of 250 words.

Supply Strategic Planning. Please respond to the following:

· Describe and explain three (3) types of data and documentations needed for creating a supply strategy plan or for updating an existing supply strategic plan.

· Explain why these data and documentations are particularly important and crucial.

· Explain how risks could be reduced and/or managed by integrating these data and documentation collected for your organization or based on your experiences.

Technological Costs. Please respond to the following:

· New technology is always being introduced. Create a list of two (2) of the most important criteria that would help an organization determine when to upgrade or make a technological investment.

· You have been tasked to secure the latest technology for the sales force coming onboard in the next six months. Compare and contrast two (2) different approaches to securing the latest technology at the very lowest price.

Make or Buy and Sourcing. Please respond to the following:

· Imagine that the hamburger giant McDonald’s desires to reduce the cost of hamburger or potato supplies. Explain pros and cons of each consideration: make or buy, subcontracting and outsourcing.

· Reason how each consideration would alter the overall structure of the organization.

· State one (1) recommendation based on the above pros and cons of each consideration, and discuss the overall impact of your recommendation to the structure of the organization.