BUS 100 Week 2 Discussion Understanding The Product Life Cycle And Innovation

Understanding the Product Life Cycle and Innovation


3D Television

click here for information on the 3D TV

Tablet/PC combo

click here for information on the tablet/pc combo

Laptop computer

click here for information on the laptop

Desktop computer

click here for information on the desktop

Choose one of the products listed above and review the information on it.  Then assume you are the brand manager for that product and the Senior Vice President for Operations asks you the following questions?

What phase of the Product Life Cycle is this item in and how do you know this?

What can we expect to happen in the next few years regarding sales for this item?

What type of consumer does this product appeal to and why?


Read a post by one of your peers and respond, making sure to extend the conversation by asking questions, offering rich ideas, or sharing personal connections. 

If you want some help with this Discussion, just check out this short video and I’ll tell you exactly what I’m looking for Some Help with the Week 2 Discussion