BRM/236 Week 2

Job Opening Advertisement

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This assignment is designed to reinforce the sales management role within an organization.

Choose an organization that sells a service.

Create a 700- to 1,050-word advertisement for the job opening of sales manager within your organization.  It may be helpful to review job ads from online sites such as or The ad should consist of: 

  1. An opening paragraph describing your organization (e.g., what you are selling), the talent you are looking for (e.g., experienced, energetic, knowledgeable in…, etc. and the culture of your organization (e.g., fast-paced, professional, ethical, etc.).
  2. A job description listing both the preferred qualifications for the job (e.g., excellent communication skills, Bachelor’s degree in retail management, etc.) followed by the required skills for the job. (e.g., expert in PowerPoint® and Microsoft® Excel®, social media experience, etc.).
  3. Add any information you feel is important.
  4. Post your job description to the discussion board.

Review one team member’s ad, and suggest additional information you feel should be added or deleted.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.