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Assignment 12.2 Paper 

Begin your paper with an overview of the organization (name, mission statement, target population, geographic location, etc.).  Consider the strategies for sustainable funding we’ve reviewed throughout the course.  These include:

  • Government Grants
  • Foundation Grants
  • Individual Donations
  • Direct Mail
  • Social Media
  • Legacy/Endowments
  • Events
  • Corporate Donations
  • Earned Income &
  • Capital Campaigns

Identify three of these, and develop a solid idea for each identified funding method for generating new sources of sustainable funding for your identified organization.  This cannot be a discussion of existing funding activities at the organization.  One of the ideas can be a discussion of the proposal from Week 8.  Consider the pros and cons of each strategy, and discuss the Return on Investment and/or Opportunity Cost.  Connect these ideas to previous learning from this course.   Provide an introduction and a conclusion.  Submit an 8-10 page professional paper in APA format, including a minimum of four sources.   Grading rubric provided. 

Because this is the end of the term, this paper must be submitted no later than midnight Sunday.  

(Please follow the grading rubric attached!!!)