Bad News

  1. Write a bad news letter to an appropriate reader about one of the following situations:
    1. Your company will be discontinuing Saturday deliveries because of rising la- bor and fuel costs.
    2. You are the manager of an insurance company writing to tell one of your customers that, because of reckless driving, his or her rates will increase.
    3. You have to refuse to send a bonus gift to a customer who sent in an order after the promotion period ended.
    4. You have discontinued a model that a business customer wants to reorder.
    5. You have to notify residents of a community that a bus route or hours of op-eration are being discontinued.
    6. You represent the water department and have to tell residents of a commu-nity that they cannot water their lawns for the next month because of a seri-ous water shortage in your town.
    7. You cannot send customers a catalog—which your company formerly sentfree of charge—unless they first send $10 for the cost of that catalog.
    8. You cannot repair a particular piece of equipment because the customer stillowes your company for three previous service visits.  you should wrtie like attachment. and there are some tips for your writing. please on time. you have 3 hours to work on it. 

Bad News Messages

If you have bad news to report, do not open your letter with it. Be indirect. Prepare your reader for the bad news; keep the tension level down. If you throw the bad

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Customer Relations Letters 221 news at your reader right away, you jeopardize the goodwill you want to create and

sustain. Consider how you would react to a letter that begins with these slaps:

  • Your account is in error.
  • Your order cannot be filled.
  • Your application for a loan has been denied.
  • It is our unfortunate duty to report. . . .Having been denied, disappointed, or even offended in the first sentence or paragraph, the reader is not likely to give you his or her attentive cooperation thereafter.