BA 302 001– Assignment # 2 – Max: 50 Points

Due Date: Start of BA302 class on April 19th.


· This assignment is expected to be about 10% of the course grade.

· Answers can be submitted as a group (max of 3 students in a group – no exceptions please).

· There is a 20% penalty for each day of late submission.

· See the grading rubric for this assignment.

Objective: Apply Activity Diagram modeling to the car-rental scenario described in assignment 1, with the goal of illustrating the current vehicle maintenance process, and then improving the current process.

Deliverables: Submit hard copy of a MS Word document that includes the following:

1. A title page with no page number (See page 2 for additional guidelines on title page).

2. A brief introduction that reads: “This assignment report includes two activity diagrams. Figure 1 outlines the current vehicle maintenance process for the car rental scenario. Figure 2 illustrates the improved vehicle maintenance process”. (Remove the quotes).

3. Use Microsoft Visio to model the current process described in the car rental scenario as an activity diagram. Label this diagram as: “Figure 1 – Current Vehicle Maintenance Process” (without the quotes). Insert this diagram as a .JPG file into page 1 (body of your MS Word assignment 2 report) below the brief introduction mentioned in deliverable # 2. Try to fit the introduction and figure 1 on the same page.

Assume that the Management team at the car rental place wishes to improve the current process. The team wants to remove the Data Entry Staff and either the Assistant Manager or the Manager from the process. They want to ensure that the Maintenance Manager is more actively involved in the process. Since the data entry staff is eliminated from the improved process, the Management team wants to ensure that the customer complaints filed using the ‘Rental Online Complaints’ (ROC) software is re-formatted before it enters the FMS. The team also wants to reduce the use of paper documents (without compromising on process quality).

4. Use Microsoft Visio to create an activity diagram that illustrates an improved vehicle maintenance process that reflects the improvements suggested in the previous paragraph. Label this diagram as: “Figure 2 – Improved Vehicle Maintenance Process” (without the quotes). Insert this diagram as a .JPG file into page 2 (body of your MS Word assignment report). Note that reports usually do not end in a diagram. We are making an exception here since the focus is on creating activity diagrams using Visio.

Assignment guidelines are on page 2. Instructions for using Visio (for creating activity diagrams), and comments on downloading Visio software for home use are provided. An e-copy of these instructions are available in the ‘Process Analysis and Modeling’ folder under ‘Course Documents’ on Canvas. Please review page 2 for some comments related to group work and academic honesty. Closing remarks are on Page 3 of this document.


Some comments regarding Title (Cover) Page: Include a separate title page that includes:

· Course number (i.e., BA302), Course name (i.e., Business Process Management), Instructor name (i.e., Gary Micheau), and Submission date.

· Assignment # and Title (i.e., “Assignment 2: Activity Diagrams”)

· The first and last names of all team members (with correct spellings). Names must not be hand-written, and cannot be added after submission is made to the instructor.

· The title page must NOT contain any answers.

· The title page must NOT have a page number. (First page with introduction and activity diagram of current vehicle maintenance process is page 1).

· The reverse side of the title page must be empty so that grader can write their comments.

· The assignment must be stapled before submission. ( Please do not expect that a stapler will be available in class at the time of submission ).

· Staple your assignment answers in the correct page sequence, with the title page on top.

Some comments regarding ‘Group Work and Academic Honesty’:

· You can work in a group (Maximum of three members – no exceptions please).

· Provide sufficient lead time for your team members to review final submission. Ensure that all your group members have reviewed the answers before final submission.

· If you work in a group, then you must ensure that you submit your answers as a group, and NOT as an individual.

· Do not assume that your partner(s) would have included your name on the cover sheet. Each team member must check if the cover sheet has their names on the title sheet before assignment submission.

· If you use someone’s help, acknowledge them, and specify what help you received.

· Note that your answers must be the original work of your group and not copied from some other individual or group. If a member is repeating the class, a replica of their work from a previous term is not allowed.

· Every group member must retain an e-copy of their group’s assignment submission for their reference and records until one week after grades are posted after finals week. If there is any dispute about the grades, or if the grader misses your assignment, each group member must have their own e-copy of the assignment submission to be eligible for a re-submission.

Other Comments: There should be no hand-written text or hand drawing in your report. The typed text inside the diagrams must be legible to the grader. Note that Visio uses 8 font size as default. This font size will have to be enlarged to make the text legible to the grader. Use at least half-inch margins for your 3-page MS Word report. The picture quality must be sharp and easy to read.

Closing Remarks:

· The grader expects to see a 3-page report (including the title page), with the reverse side of the title page left blank.

· The grader may require considerable lead time (at least one week) to post assignment scores on Canvas.

· If you submit original work and fail the assignment, you will get one more chance to re-do the assignment. The maximum score you can receive after first re-submission is 90%.

· Note that there will be significant penalty points for not following instructions or for incorrect submissions. Check out the detailed grading rubric for this assignment before your final submission.