AT&T Assignment

You can learn a lot just by looking at financial statements. This assignment is to show you that you can read financial statements without a lot of training.

1) Go to

2) In the box in the upper right hand corner, put a capital “T” in the box and hit enter. You should arrive at a page of information concerning AT&T stock.

3) Under the chart there is a horizontal menu that begins with the word ‘Summary”. Scroll over and click on “Financials”. There you will see the AT&T Balance Sheet.

4) With your group, scan the information on the balance sheet and observe what has changed over the past four years. List three major observations.

5) Now go to the top of the box and click on the Income Statement. Tell me three observations that you and your team make about that Income Statement.

6) Now do the same with the Cash Flow.

7) Now go back to the box in the upper right hand corner and type in VZ. This will take you to a similar page for Verizon. Skim their financial statements the same way. Based on what you see, is Verizon in better financial shape or worse financial shape than AT&T? Why do you think that?