Assignment 4

 I need help with an assignment  from the class   that I am taking. it is only 4 paragraphs.  I need it to be 100% your word. I need it to have ZREO plagiarism. It’s your own thoughts and opinions from the book, It is important to NOT cope or explane the thoughts and opinions of the book. need it in 7 hours. Attached is the  (Reading Assignment Grading Rubric) and Reading material.  

 Reading Assignment #4: 101 Creative Problem Solving Techniques/ Higgins: (Read pages 41 to 66) – Higgins discusses divergent and convergent thinking. Dhillon also discussed lateral, sideways and divergent thinking. These are all creative thinking processes that break away from the usual solutions and find solutions to problems in different and unique ways. As you read these pages reflect on the content and write about one of these creative techniques and how you applied it in analyzing the environment, recognizing and identifying a problem or making assumptions. After we finish this chapter I will be asking you to apply some of these CPS techniques from Chapters 3 to new problem situations.