Assignment 3: Qualitative Dissertations


  • Visit the University online library resources and search for two dissertations less than seven years old using any two of the following keywords:
    • Case study
    • Phenomenology
    • Grounded theory
    • Ethnography
    • Narrative
    • Qualitative Methodology
  • Summarize each study’s research questions, interview questions, and other data instrumentation used, as applicable, and the population that participated in the study.
  • Analyze the author’s conclusions with respect to the validity and reliability constructs of qualitative research and the data analysis procedures utilized.

The first chapter of a qualitative dissertation provides a background of the study, the research focus and questions, a brief literature review highlighting the relevance of the concepts under consideration, a brief statement of the design, and other pertinent topics.

In about 1,000 words, write a research paper including the following:

  • Titles and methodologies of each qualitative dissertation related to a topic of interest
  • Reprints of research questions, interview questions, and other data instrumentation for each dissertation
  • Participant information and profiles for each dissertation
  • Analysis of study conclusions in the context of validity or reliability considerations for qualitative research

Note that your submission should follow AUO academic writing guidelines and APA rules for academic writing and referencing.