Topic 2 Assignment Post:   (TWO PARAGRAPHS)

You will write two full paragraphs total.  Each paragraph should be AT LEAST 10 complete sentences. Select two concepts from the following list:

a)         The six distinct cases that formed the basis for the amalgamated Brown vBoard of Education of Topeka, KS case.

b)         The Children’s Crusade (relating to the Civil Rights Movement in the United States)

c)         The Teacher’s March (Selma, Alabama).

d)         Ruby Bridges

e)         The sit-in movement

f)          Freedom summer

Now, with each of the two concepts that you select, write one substantive paragraph (AT LEAST 10 sentences in length, or longer) in which you define, describe, and discuss the concept. This means that you will write a total of two lengthy paragraphs in your Assignment Post.

Teach the reader (your classmates and me) about it.

NEVER NEVER copy information from any source, including your textbook, another academic source, a classmate’s work, or any source at all.

Instead, ALWAYS ALWAYS use only YOUR OWN WORDS. Paraphrase what you have read in the sources that you are using.   Read the source, learn from it, and then put the information that you wish to communicate into your own words, and provide a citation for the source from which you gained the information, and provide a full reference at the end in a Reference Section.  It’s as simple as that.  No need to make it overly complicated.

Learn and use APA Writing Style for citations and references in all that you do for this class, and never plagiarize anything, ever.  Remember that the consequences for plagiarism can include not only the removal of the student from this class, but from the university as well!   It’s never worth it to take that risk.  If you ever have any questions about what could be considered plagiarism, just email me and we can discuss it further!

Use (and bookmark!) this source to learn more about how to use and format APA in-text citations within the paragraphs that you write,  and APA references in your Reference Section:

You are to use at least two sources for your Assignment Post.  You may use more.

Each paragraph is to include at least two APA citations (So your Assignment Post will have a total of at least 4 APA Citations).

At the end of your Assignment Post, you are to create an APA Reference Section in which you list the 2 (or more) reference listings using APA Style.