Assignment #1

Instructions: You are required to answer the following questions. You should save your answers in a Word document for submission. Please do not repeat the questions on your answer sheet. Instead, please list the answers numerically/sequentially by simply utilizing 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each assignment must have a cover page listing your name, the name of the assignment, and the date. The cover page does not count towards the word count. For each assignment, you are expected to answer the assigned questions in your own words. Each assignment paper should be at least 250 wordsPapers less than the required 250 words will get zero. This does not mean each question requires a 250-word response; rather, the total number of words for answering the questions must total more than 250 words.

Assignment – Read the assigned article then answer the questions/prompts below.

1. Caputo, P. and W. L. Heat-Moon (2013). To See America, Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist.

The New York Times. New York Questions/prompts

1. Reflect on your own personal travels. What have you learned about yourself? About others? 

2. As a future tourism/hospitality business leader, how does knowledge of traveler/tourist motivations and personal lessons learned help you run your business? 

Sample Reflection Paper Format/Outline

· The following outline should be used for your reflection paper. You are not required to use the titles (e.g., Brief Introduction, Body, etc.) but should use this general format when writing your paper. 

· Cover Pageo Titleofpapertoincludethefollowing: o Reflection Paper Titleo Student Name and IDo Course Title and Sectiono Professor Name and Titleo Due Date of Submission