Assessment Form And Narrative

Family Assessment Form for Video Content

As you are watching the video, write down some key information on each of the following areas. Then consolidate this information into narrative paragraph writing to explain each dynamic listed below regarding the family(ies) in the videos, within each of the 3 sections highlighted.


Family dynamics


1. Family membership, including roles for each member:





2. Identify conflicts within the family members:




3. Family’s value system, rituals, and traditions:




4. Power structure within the family unit:





5. Current family life stage, and how the family is handling the tasks for that stage:





6. Identify the existence of any internal or external stressors:




7. Communication patterns of the members:




8. Coping patterns of the members to change/stress:




9. Identify any personality factors of any of the members that impacted the family dynamics:



10. Any extended family member issues/impact on the family unit?





b. Environmental/Community Dynamics:


1. Description of the neighborhood/community they live in:





2. Access to community resources/networks for the family:





3. Economics of the family: poverty access to jobs/education:





4. Discuss the different ways the families are linked to the community:





5. Identify any particular issues/problems faced by the community, how the problem/issue impacts the family:





6. Identify the environmental stressors for the family:






7. Were there any political factors involved with the family good or bad?






8. Any other observations made for this area of assessment?










c. Cultural/Racial Dynamics:


1. Identify and describe the cultural and racial traits of the families:






2. Diversity in family composition:





3. Describe the impact of the culture/race on the family dynamics:





4. Discuss the impact of the cultural/racial traits on the local community:





5. Does the cultural/racial traits impact the family’s social status? If so, how?





6. Identify the struggles/limits the family has due to their cultural/racial identity:





7. Any other observations on this area of assessment?