Assessment 3 – Report


In this unit we have looked at the ways in which the Australian criminal justice system works, is supposed to work, and sometimes fails to work. We know that many populations – and particularly marginalised populations such as Indigenous Australians, queer people, youths, and so on – encounter many difficulties in encountering and navigating the criminal justice process. In this assessment, you are to select a marginalised population, and consider:

  • the contexts of their involvement with the criminal justice process (as victims, offenders, etc.)
  • the issues they encounter (e.g. discrimination, communication difficulties, etc.)
  • recommendations for change (e.g. policy changes, systemic changes, etc.)

Your assessment should take the form of a report, documenting the contexts and issues of their involvement with the criminal justice system, and recommendations for change.

Which marginalised population is the focus of your report?

Indigenous Australians