Assess Leadership Style Of Self And Leader

Select either (or both) of the assessments below and complete for yourself. Share your results in a paper that includes your self-identification of your leadership style. Based on your results and self-identification, determine the leadership style of your “invisible mentor.”

For this project assignment on leadership, complete a minimum of 4 pages that addresses the following concepts:

  • An evaluation of your assessment results – do you agree? Why/Why not?
  • Based on the assessment(s) you took, what would be the style of your “Invisible Mentor?” How do you know? Please provide specific examples.
  • Your assessment of how you compare or differ to your “Invisible Mentor.”

Assessment 1: Your Leadership Legacy

Assessment 2: What’s Your Leadership Style?

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.



An Effective and Successful Leader



An Effective and Successful Leader

One of the most successful and effective leaders across the world is the Catholic Church pope. Pope Francis is an effective leader who has moved across the world preaching peace and tolerance among the worrying nations and communities. The Argentinean clergyman has been instrumental in preaching peace across the world and urging people to leave in peace and harmony and in tolerance with one another. His attributes make many people across to admire him and his service to the church and the world at large. Personally, I feel attracted to the pope and consider him my personal and invisible mentor for several reasons.

The pope’s charismatic leadership style of leadership distinguishes him from many other leaders across the world. He is able to connect with many people and understand what message they need and therefore able to express himself further. He sends his message across from a Christian perspective and is able to respond to the spiritual needs of the people (Andreini, Rinallo, Pedeliento & Bergamaschi, 2017). Moreover, the pope leaves a self-less life with simplicities that anyone else can emulate.

Pope Francis loves all and preaches the message of love across the world and wherever he goes. He condemns the acts of violence and hatred against others and prays for an equal opportunity for all. Moreover, he expresses that the church as an institution ought to help its people in healing wounds and preaching peace. This attribute makes one rethink his move and begin loving the people of God because we all have one origin.

The pope remains focused on his message that he sends across the world. He insists that the world leaders should show mercy to the poor and the less fortunate members of the society and not to exploit them (Bender & Arrocha, 2017). Most of the leaders of today have total disregard for the disadvantaged members of the society.


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